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Does this have a downscale feature for Retina Macs? If not you should implement it, it greatly increases performance :)

Yes, the render scale can be set to 0.5x while running at native resolution. See the graphics options :)

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Thanks much for the native Linux build.  Version 0.4.1 appears to run solidly on Kubuntu 20.04 LTS as far as I can see thus far.  Nice looking game for such an early release version.  Can only imagine how slick the 1.0 release is gonna be if this version is any sign.

Thanks! That's really great to hear! Any suggestions, bugs or feature requests are more than welcome on the github / discord :D

Just tried 0.4.1 on Manjaro Linux and it works perfectly.

I however am pretty crap at the game. 

Amazing stuff though


yeah the onboarding / beginners process is ... Well nonexistent. I'll be working on making it a bit easier to get into. Glad you like it though!

Big nerd thing: if you're creating the Linux and macOS builds, you could create a tar file for each build and *then* zip the tar file.

Using a tar would keep the file permissions, making the extra chmod instructions moot.


zip keeps permissions too :D I just need to not be so lazy and actually set the damn things

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Looks like the Linux export is broken:

flydangerous.x86_64: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory is missing.


Hi, that's curious ... I'm not sure how that's happened but it may explain a few other things I've heard if they exported over a previous install. I'll take a look when I'm back at my desktop at the end of the week, thanks!


No worries, feel free to reply again when a new build is up and I'll take another look :)


Just a note that the latest release fixes this.

Excellent, thank you!

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Can you please make a linux ARM 32 bit build? I am trying to play this on my raspberry pi 4b and I cant run X86_64 applications.


Hey, I don't know if that's even possible with unity and if it is the performance (especially on terrain) would be atrocious! The source is up on github with build instructions if you fancy giving it a shot

Unfortunately I could not get the linux version running, BUT the windows works fine on Linux (Manjaro) via WINE. Interesting game I will definetly keep an eye on it for the future. Obviously its still in very early stage . Handling of the ship does not feel like Elite, it feels to me that is a bit too sensitive on rolling on z axis or maybe this is just a setting. Will play more to get a good feel. Keep up the good work.


Interesting, yeah the flight mechanics are all tweakable in the options panel so let me know on the discord what settings work best for you because I can’t see the woods for the trees at this point!