Alpha 2: QoL, Linux and Input stuff

WOW, what a phenomenal week! Honestly the reception has been so great to see, thank you to everyone getting involved!  

This week I've been mostly following up on reports and requests from the initial alpha and this release therefore keeps it reasonably straightforward with some quality of life adjustments and fixes.  

There's also a linux build, I have no idea if it works but people have asked for it so let me know how you get on. I do not have time to properly support it right now but some of you guys were using wine and if I can help make that easier I will. This is an x64 binary compiled with standard Unity build settings.  

Enjoy! ❤


  • Immediate restart: the game will endeavour to place the ship back at the starting location (either from custom level, race or regular free play) with as little loading time as possible. This I feel was especially important given the nature of the race tracks - short and difficult. 
  • Changes to race mechanics: the ship now starts at the initial checkpoint and you can no longer re-run the race. This is to make sure races are entirely fair and cannot be gamed with timing the boost when entering the start point or waiting for moving features in the race track to pass. 
  • Boost mechanic improvements: the velocity max speed no longer suddenly jumps from 932m/s to 800m/s, it gradually reduces (see the devlog video for more info on this) 
  • Physics adjustments - ship less likely to get into an insane uncontrollable spin when clipping terrain  
  • Level loader split from free roam, now respects locations (e.g. Space station custom maps) 
  • Additional ship physics and mechanics parameters exposed in dev panel 
  • Added an in-game console (use the ` key) to quickly debug input issues in release builds

Bug fixes:  

  • Huge amount of input changes, should support far more devices. Let me know how you get on, virpil sticks still don't work, sorry! I'm trying :(  
  • Fixed errant inputs on load (level starts with ship already in motion)  
  • Fixed thrusters remaining on after alt flight control toggle (this still needs more work but it's uhm... broken in a slightly better way? Sorry, Nova!)

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May 14, 2021

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