Early Access Update 2

Update 2 lands with an enormous amount of new content, bugfixes, quality-of-life updates, new maps and game modes and a whole suite of integrations!

The game now support Head Tracking with OpenTrack and TrackIR! That means even a basic webcam can give you in-game head tracking -- or, if that's not your jam, enable the highly configurable drift camera to automatically look in the direction of travel!

This update adds over 25 new tracks with a brand new diverse biome terrain system and gameplay elements such as boost portals, underwater tracks, night vision and more. Truly test your skills with the circuit laps mode where tracks can be several minutes long - I can't wait to see the new times on the leaderboards because some of these later maps are absolutely brutal.

Checkout the full (kind-of-ridiculous) patch notes below for the full rundown.

I'm extremely proud of this release, and I really hope you enjoy it.


- Juki

Patch Notes


  • Fully rebuilt biome terrain world graph with new biomes: Desert (red, dunes) Tropical Coastline Arctic Tundra / Ice Rebuilt rocky biome Reworked mountain biome from GPU test Ocean / Rivers (with submersible mechanics)
  • Added new boost pad modifiers to level format
  • Added decorative billboards to level format
  • Added two new game modes - laps and puzzle
  • Added 18 new time trial sprint maps and deprecated the old ones (still playable, see collisions feature below!)
  • Added 5 new time trial circuit / laps maps
  • Added 3 new puzzle maps
  • Ship Collisions (Change in collision gameplay means maps reliant on checkpoint rebounds at high end are deprecated) Added visual shield effect for collisions (#183) Added engine capacity penalty on collision proportional to impact (#183) Added boost cancel on collision (#197) Added collision, shield activate and boost cancel sfx (#197)
  • Added bHaptics support for Vest, Arms and Head (#194)
  • Added support for OpenTrack head tracking (#65)
  • Added support for TrackIR head tracking (#65)
  • Added UDP telemetry support for generic motion simulators etc (#65)
  • Added "Drift Cam" option which attempts to look in the direction of travel (within a sensible arc) Added associated options for head snap, smoothing and max rotational extents
  • Added a bit of spit and polish to the title screen Player profile ship is now shown on title screen
  • Added lens flare shaders to ship rear exhausts Note this is disabled in VR (#200) and with MSAA (#199) active.
  • Added support for ultra-wide displays by constraining the UI to a max width (#184)
  • Added Ability to disable VSync (#185 )
  • Device hot-plugging now supported (#153)
  • Added hold binding for alternate flight controls (#177)
  • Added Ultra reflection quality for refresh rate locked to frame rate (use at your own risk :P)
  • Added descriptions to locations in Free Roam menu
  • Added ability to set music volume on main menu independently (as a percentage of music volume)
  • Added wait to beginning of time trials prompting users to hold boost (teach that boost can be early!)
  • Added pride flags and changed "Country" label to "Flag" for profile dropdown (#203 partial)
  • Added ability set music track in Free Roam mode
  • Added six new music tracks
  • Added map and music track name to first level start
  • Added ability to preview environment and music in Free Roam menu
  • Added track name, author and music track / artist on level load
  • Added bonus surprise terrain
  • Added 3d indicators to ghosts and other players in multiplayer There is no manual targetting system as of yet, you must look directly at a target to initiate the 3d indicator
  • Added new indicators to Calidris cockpit (and only that ship + view, for now) to show proximity alert and overcharge from boost singularities


  • Ship lights now operate as night vision
  • Flight assist rotation correction strength buffed slightly
  • Interior Calidris cockpit glass reflectivity not quite so glaring anymore
  • Advanced input mode renamed "Custom" because some people assumed there was no way to rebind controls
  • Increased and standardised primary collider size across ships (shield)
  • Update target overlay font and graphic
  • Level panels load data in once per frame (Level UI element, ghosts, leaderboard entries) to eliminate stutter during menu transitions
  • Moved testing objects scene to new location ("Proving Grounds"), Space scene is now actually empty for map creation
  • Minor rework for leaderboards / ghosts panels, added loading state UI and auto-select players' PB (vs top ghost)
  • Renamed `Throttle Increase / Decrease` to `Throttle Cruise Control Increase / Decrease` for clarity
  • Added right stick click as a default VR calibration input (you're welcome, oddly angry self-important person)
  • Removed GPU test terrain (thank you for feedback! will circle back to this)
  • Better handled fog near distance - should have more terrain visible now
  • Added the ability to push out to 4 max terrain tiles - recommended ONLY with new terrains, legacy terrain will take an eon to load!
  • Finally added loading text to the VR view, it only took a YEAR...
  • Updated to Unity 2022.1.20f1


  • Possible fix for VKBs always reporting "Hat Up" on rebind (thanks to the painful manual debugging efforts of Giskard for this fix!)
  • Was previously possible to unset protected bindings (which cannot then be rebound!)
  • Fixed (hopefully!) occasional rare crash on terrain load (#190)
  • Collision detection should be more accurate at high speeds (speculative detection mode increased collision size with velocity!)
  • Incorrect dimensions on some flags in dropdown (#196)
  • Fixed toggling alternate flight controls resetting axes (#178)
  • No longer possible to ever be underneath the terrain (e.g. through a crack in the tile margins), ship is always pushed up to compensate
  • Bug causing camera damping to be forgotten on restart when using Arcade control scheme
  • Fixed ship params not sticking between levels
  • Fixed relative mouse mode applying return rate before sending input (leading to effectively no input at high return rates)
  • Culled UI elements from real time reflection probe (whoops!)
  • Fixed geometry reflecting from the ship perspective when realtime reflections are enabled (just don't ask how, I beg you)
  • Fixed pause menu failing to open first time after restarting after showing results screen
  • Hopefully fixed another enormous pile of input binding bugs + updated to latest input system
  • Sliders now work better with controller / keyboard input with pre-defined increments and horizontal nav locks (UI is paaaaaain)
  • Honestly so many more little fixes that I just didn't bother to detail, this list is already too long


FlyDangerous-0.6.0-win.zip 2 GB
Mar 05, 2023
FlyDangerous-0.6.0-osx.zip 2 GB
Mar 05, 2023
FlyDangerous-0.6.0-linux.zip 2 GB
Mar 05, 2023

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