Alpha 3: The Environment Update

It's been a busy week! This time around I've focused on some eye candy, some terrain changes and some much needed love for flight assist which, frankly, was atrocious before. Now I'm VERY pleased with where it's at, and I'm eagerly awaiting feedback from racers who tend to switch between the two. 

There's a new separation between geometry and environment / lighting which means there's now the option to select your environment - this is also serialised into level state when you copy your location and stuff.

Additionally there's a new terrain type - hidden under experimental in the dev options menu - which I'm interested in feedback about. It's 4 times the height of before and adds a bunch of variation, canyons etc.

Finally there's a huge rework of the flight assist model which I'm extremely curious to hear about - it was a massive undertaking to build this new model but the gist of it is that it now acts as a meta input layer, taking the users' input as intent and providing calculated input to the ship to achieve that goal. This makes it 100% incapable of "cheating" the system and anything it can do, an FA-Off pilot can also do.

Have fun! :D

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May 23, 2021

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